About The Farmleigh Fellowship

The Farmleigh Fellowship aims to develop 1000 Irish based professionals with experience of doing international business across Asia over the next five years and gradually build a critical mass of professionals who will spearhead a greater business, political and cultural engagement between Ireland and this region.

What is The Farmleigh Fellowship?

The Farmleigh Fellowship (www.farmleighfellowship.com) is a unique and innovative Irish scholarship programme which was launched by a small community of Irish business leaders in Singapore in 2010 to equip the next generation of emerging professionals with a world-class ‘toolkit’ for business success in Asia.

The Farmleigh Fellowship was established as a direct response to the formation of the Global Irish Economic Forum (GIEF) by the Irish Government.   The GIEF represents a network of Irish business leaders and other influential members of the Diaspora from around the world.  The GIEF’s goal is to provide Ireland with a sustainable resource of international expertise from which the Irish community can draw as the country works towards and achieves full economic recovery. (www.globalirishforum.ie).

The Farmleigh Fellowship is a regionalised initiative driven by Irish members of the GIEF who live and work in South East Asia.

The Farmleigh Fellowship is a Singapore-based non-political, not-for-profit organization with a vision to build a world class, prestigious and innovative business educational program, which will promote greater trade, investment and talent development between Ireland and Asia.

History of The Farmleigh Fellowship

  • 2009: Global Irish Economic Forum

    It was identified that Ireland has vast opportunities to grow its business interests in Asia but lacks sufficient numbers of qualified professionals on the ground. On returning to Singapore, discussions were held on how best this vacuum could be filled to both enhance and enable the growth of Ireland’s business interests across Asia.

  • 2009: Conception

    The result was the Farmleigh MBS which we believe can help bridge this gap in a practical and meaningful way and help make the Asian marketplace of the future as real and as relevant to people’s lives in Ireland, as America and Europe are today.

  • 2011: The First Cohort

    In 2011, the first cohort of Farmleigh Fellows launched into the programme in UCC, Singapore and across Asia.

  • 2014: Phase 2 of the Fellowship

    Now, after 3 consecutive years from 2011 to 2013, the Fellowship has evolved into its second phase – this includes a rescheduled programme period to align with the academic calendar, as well as improvements based on three years of feedback from 65 Fellows.

The Farmleigh Fellowship Message

Please see the below short video to gain a further insight into the aim of the Farmleigh Fellowship.